Jamil Brown

Participant, The Pitch


Major Jamil L. Brown is a Fellow for the US Air Force Academy Institute for Future Conflict. He also serves an instructor of Political Science. As a Fellow and Instructor, he is responsible for leading the Dean’s future conflict and innovation education support efforts, ensuring the institutional outcomes are met. He coordinates future conflict research opportunities between USAFA faculty, cadets, and potential partners. Additionally, he is the course director for a one of a kind space policy course that is a requirement as part of the USAFA Space Operations Minor. He has served as a GPS operator, Space Operations Planner, Weapons School Instructor and Wing Weapons Officer.

The Pitch

“National security spheres emphasizing STEM-only to solve emerging challenges encourage groupthink and less cognitive diversity to fuel innovation. Create a national security literacy program to develop skills much like how USSF has created to impart skills on its workforce.”

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The Pitch 2021: A Competition of New Ideas

15 Jun 2021
11:00 am - 2:00 pm ET