CNAS 2020 National Security Conference

The America Competes Summer Series

The Center for a New American Security (CNAS) in partnership with Axios, presented the 14th Annual CNAS National Security Conference, The America Competes Summer Series. The series launched on June 17 as part of a broader campaign to renew American competitiveness at home and abroad across a range of vital national security arenas. The conference series included interactive online sessions with innovative audience participation and engagement. This year’s events featured CNAS’ expertise on sustaining U.S. military deterrence, securing U.S. technological advantages, advancing U.S. values while countering high-tech illiberalism, strengthening U.S. national security institutions, and bolstering U.S. economic power and leadership—all while showcasing next generation leaders and ideas. Each session convened policymakers, practitioners, and analysts, as well as peers from the private sector, media, and academia. The conference’s arc featured cross-cutting initiatives and projects from the Center’s seven research programs.

Happening Now

Series Schedule

Day 1 — Future Scenarios: America and the Post-Pandemic World
17 Jun 2020

Future Scenarios: America and the Post-Pandemic World

To kick off the America Competes Summer Series, we’re inviting the CNAS community to participate in our Center-wide initiative on America and the Post-Pandemic World. Rather than just learning about...
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Day 2 — The Pitch: A Competition of New Ideas
24 Jun 2020

The Pitch: A Competition of New Ideas

This is the Center’s premier event to elevate emerging and diverse voices in national security. Selected applicants will make their pitch for innovative policy ideas to renew American competitiveness in front of a distinguished...
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Day 3 — Technology Competition: Contesting the Virtual Playing Field
15 Jul 2020

Closing the Deal: National Security and Investment Scrutiny

On July 15, 2020, the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) hosted a mock White House meeting to weigh the economic and security concerns around a hypothetical foreign investment...
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Is Seeing Still Believing? Synthetic Media and Illiberal Uses of Technology

At this exercise on June 15, 2020, CNAS challenged the audience to spot the difference between real and synthetic media (digital forgeries). How will artificial intelligence (AI) enable media manipulation and...
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Day 4 — A Deadly Game: East China Sea Crisis 2030
22 Jul 2020

A Deadly Game: East China Sea Crisis 2030

It’s July 2030, and there’s a crisis brewing in the East China Sea. On July 22, 2020, audience members played along as the CNAS Defense team and leading experts hosted...
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