June 14 - 16

2022 CNAS National Security Conference

Policymakers today confront a range of national security challenges, including Russian aggression in Europe, long-term competition with China, continuing reverberations from the global pandemic, and domestic divisions and vulnerabilities. To navigate them, America must draw on enduring strengths to sharpen its economic, military, and technological edges, advance its international relationships, and balance a national security portfolio across regions and issues. As CNAS celebrates its 15th anniversary, the 2022 CNAS National Security Conference will convene leading experts to examine American power and purpose in our changing world.

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Day Three

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Day 1
14 Jun 2022
Day 2
15 Jun 2022
Day 3
16 Jun 2022

Opening Session: Security in the Balance with Dr. Colin Kahl

Join the Center’s experts and other leading voices in national security for the launch of the CNAS 2022 National Security Conference, Security in the Balance. CNAS Chief Executive Officer Richard...
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Richard Fontaine
Dr. Colin H. Kahl

The Future of Russia: Down But Not Out

Amid Russia’s poor military performance in Ukraine, its military losses, and the high costs that the Kremlin has faced because of its invasion, many policymakers and analysts assert that Washington...
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Andrea Kendall-Taylor
Michael Kofman
Eddie Fishman
Richard Connolly
David Lawler

TechMatters: America’s Strengths in Technology Competition

This engaging panel will feature a series of segments on promoting and protecting America’s strengths in technology competition, focusing on topics such as talent, world-class universities, the venture capital market,...
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Pablo Chavez
Alan F. Estevez
Rep. Jim Himes
Hannah Kelley
Megan Lamberth
Gilman Louie
Martijn Rasser
Paul Scharre
Alexandra Seymour
Jacqueline S. Tame
Nigel Vinson
Rep. Brad Wenstrup
Lauren Zabierek

War in Ukraine: Declassifying Intel

The declassification of intelligence before and after the Russian invasion of Ukraine was unprecedented in its speed, and lauded for its accuracy. Releasing the intel has been credited with stopping...
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Carrie Cordero
Lt. Gen. Robert Ashley, Jr. (Ret.)
Lt. Gen. James Clapper, Jr. (Ret.)

U.S.-China Policy in The Balance

U.S. policy toward China has undergone a reckoning that started late in the Obama administration, accelerated quickly during the Trump administration, and has now carried through to the Biden administration....
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Elizabeth Economy
Sen. Brian Schatz
Amb. Paula Dobriansky
Jacob Stokes

Managing Talent to Secure America’s Future

This event will showcase both civilian and military efforts at talent management to ensure American competitiveness in the military and national security community.  
Loren DeJonge Schulman
BG Brett Funck
Nathalie Grogan
Katherine L. Kuzminski
Tyler Zagurski

Dangerous Straits: Wargaming a U.S.-China Conflict over Taiwan

In a special collaboration with NBC’s Meet the Press, The Gaming Lab at CNAS executed a strategic-operational wargame examining a how a potential war with China over Taiwan could unfold in 2027....
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Chuck Todd
Gen. Mike Holmes (Ret.)
Bonny Lin
Stacie Pettyjohn
Rep. Mikie Sherrill
Becca Wasser
Joel Wuthnow

A Conversation with Rep. Adam Smith

Watch live as Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wash.), Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, joins Dr. Stacie Pettyjohn, Senior Fellow and Director of the CNAS Defense Program, for a conversation...
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Stacie Pettyjohn
Rep. Adam Smith

Will Crypto Save the World?

From digital payments, to a digital central bank, crypto currency has dominated the conversation when looking toward the future of digital currency, and the national security implications are vast. Hear...
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Yaya J. Fanusie
Chris Brummer
Carole House
Linda Jeng
Emily Kilcrease
Sigal Mandelker

The Pitch 2022: A Competition of New Ideas

To continue CNAS’ mission to elevate emerging and diverse voices in national security, join us for the grand finale of The Pitch: A Competition of New Ideas. On May 4,...
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Richard Fontaine
Admiral Cecil Haney (Ret.)
Heather Nauert
William Coffin
Mycal Ford
Kate Koett
Shai Korman
Katherine L. Kuzminski
Heather Price
Bethan Saunders
Jacqueline White Menchaca

Brussels Sprouts Live with Julianne Smith, U.S. Ambassador to NATO

CNAS will host a live recording of Brussels Sprouts, one of the organization’s flagship podcasts offering small bites on transatlantic security, NATO, the EU, Russia, and all things Europe. Julianne...
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Amb. Julianne Smith
Andrea Kendall-Taylor
Steven Erlanger
David E. Sanger
Jim Townsend

A Conversation with Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor

Jake Sullivan, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (APNSA), will join Richard Fontaine for a fireside chat during the 2022 CNAS National Security Conference, Security in the Balance. The...
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Jake Sullivan
Richard Fontaine

Safe@Home with U.S. Assistant Attorney General Matthew G. Olsen

Safe@Home is a series which focuses on challenges to homeland security such as international and domestic terrorism, political violence against government officials, mass shootings and gun violence, pandemic preparedness and...
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Carrie Cordero
Matthew Olsen

The Future of Sanctions After Russia

The United States and allies unleashed an historic set of sanctions and export controls in response to Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. The full consequences of isolating the world’s 11th...
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Eddie Fishman
Emily Kilcrease
Erica Moret
Elina Ribakova
Rachel Ziemba

Beyond Hub and Spoke: A New Indo-Pacific Order

As the United States shores up its alliances and partnerships in the Indo-Pacific to enhance deterrence, prevent conflict, and maintain free and open seaways, how will the United States create...
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Rep. Ami Bera
Kurt Campbell
Lisa Curtis
Rep. Michael McCaul
Suzanne Puanani Vares-Lum
Hon. Arthur Sinodinos

The Russia-China Nexus—How Should the United States Compete?

The announcement of the historic pact between Beijing and Moscow on February 4, 2022, marks a new era in the deepening China-Russia relationship. The document signals that the two countries...
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Richard Fontaine
Andrea Kendall-Taylor
Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian
Jennifer Lind
James B. Steinberg

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